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Close to Home – 1920-30s

By the early 1920s, Sallows' career became more focused on his own community. He still continued to sell his work for publication and advertised his services in local publications, but the photographer was less apt to travel far from home to practice his art.

However, as technology progressed and the art of amateur photography became more common, the demand for traditional studio prints diminished. As a result, he would not spend as much time in the studio.

Sallows' career direction changed yet again to that of a photographer of the community, travelling throughout the area to document school groups, family outings and church functions. Indeed, it was on his way to a school camp to photograph a group of children in 1937 that he suffered a fatal injury in a car accident.

Sallows' died in his 81st year en route to practice his art. The editorial upon his death reported "Here is a man who will leave an indelible imprint on the lives of the community in which he laboured and achieved worthwhile things..His landscape studies were photographic masterpieces."

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