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Grades 1 - 3
On-site tour and program

The following resource offers program suggestions to be followed both in the classroom and during a Gallery visit. It is also available as a  PDF.

Welcome to our Gallery: An introduction to the visual art experience

Students are introduced to The Gallery’s collection and space. A tour of our facility and current exhibition allows students to become familiar with the notion of preserving and displaying art, while specifically looking at the content of the artist’s work.

Storytelling activities encourage students to use the art displayed to assist with the narration of a story.

Lesson plan:
(After your visit)

Keeping in mind the exhibition viewed during their visit to The Gallery, or using the “Search the Collection” feature of The Reuben R. Sallows Digital Library, students are asked to locate and identify images in magazines which reflect contemporary rural life.

Activity: Identify contemporary rural images
Introduction: Using images found in magazines or other sources, students create photomontages reflecting life in rural communities
Target Group: Grades 1-3
Duration: Three 1 hour sessions
Objective: Students will become familiar with images of rural life while creatively displaying their discoveries Materials: In addition to regular craft supplies found in your classroom, you may wish to have supplies of old magazines, newspapers, poster board, etc.
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