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Grades 6 - 8
On-site tour and program

The following resource offers program suggestions to be followed both in the classroom and during a Gallery visit. It is also available as a  PDF.

A Look Through the Lens: context and composition in fine art

This program starts with a tour of The Gallery and an introduction to the enduring photographs of Reuben R. Sallows. The late nineteenth century was a period of great technical and scientific innovation in photography and Sallows was a photographer who kept “abreast of the times.” Using photographs from the current exhibit, students will take a look at the science behind the art form, including the photographic processes of the time and the technology used in the field.

Participants will also take a closer look at those elements which make Sallows’ work so remarkable - in particular, his talent for making everyday life more interesting. Discussion will take place about the notion of “composition” in a photograph or painting.

Lesson plan:
(After your visit)

Rural Ontario has undergone major changes over the centuries in terms of architecture, industry, environment and society. Some of Sallows’ rural landscape photographs, however, seem to be almost timeless in their form and content.

Keeping in mind the exhibition viewed during their visit to The Gallery, or using the “Search the Collection” feature of The Reuben R. Sallows Digital Library to review his agriculturally-based work, discuss the major changes in the rural landscape which are most apparent today. Also discuss those major elements of his work which give the rural environment a timeless quality.

Choosing sentences and key words that will support both sides of this discussion, your students can reconstruct the modern rural landscape using words, shapes and colours. Ask them how they can represent the rural landscape and its inhabitants in an artistic context by using posters as a medium.

Activity: Rural Landscapes
Introduction: A look at the modern rural environment where students portray their vision of rural landscape on a poster on which he or she can experiment with different artistic mediums: using words, shapes, colour
Target Group: Grades 6-8
Duration: Three 1 hour sessions
Objective: Students will become aware of both the progress and the history of the Canadian rural landscape.
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