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This educational package will provide teachers and students with an opportunity to visit the Sallows website and enjoy and gain an appreciation for the works of this renowned Canadian photographer.

A link has been created between the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Expectations for various grades and the photographs available for viewing at the Sallows Gallery website.

Many subject areas in the Ontario Curriculum could be related to the Gallery collection but at this time we have identified these subject areas:

Grade 3 Visual Arts
Heritage and Citizenship
Canada and World Connections – Urban and Rural Communities
Grade 6 Visual Arts
History – Canada: A Changing Society
Science: Energy and Control – Optics
Canada and World Connections: Canada’s Links to the World
Grade 8 Visual Art
History – Canada: A Changing Society
Science: Energy and Control – Optics

At the Upper Primary level it is suggested that teachers access school computer labs and with the use of a data projector walk the students through their first few visits to the website. Lesson plans for this activity have been provided. Support staff will be available for classroom demonstrations.

Grade 3 Lesson Plan   Grade 6 Lesson Plan   Grade 8 Lesson Plan
Grade 3 Lesson Plan
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  Grade 6 Lesson Plan
16 pages
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  Grade 8 Lesson Plan
18 pages
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Development of Education Packages offered by The Reuben R. Sallows Gallery was generously supported by TD-Canada Trust..
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