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      Unit Glossary

Bucket cover a round metal or wooden lid placed on top of the sap bucket to protect the sap from rain, ice, snow, dirt or leaves
Cauldron a kettle or very large iron bowl-shaped pot with a hooped handle used for boiling, often more than a metre in diameter
Evaporator a device for removing excess water from the sap, and making it into syrup, by boiling
Filter a device, such as a piece of felt or cotton, through which the sap is poured to remove impurities
Finishing pot in the evaporation process, the last pot used to boil sap until it reached the right thickness of syrup
Gathering barrel a large barrel, or container fastened to a sled or wagon and used to take sap from the sugar bush to the boiling area
Kettle an iron pot with a hooped handle, smaller than a cauldron, used for boiling
Ladle a deep-bowled long-handled spoon used for serving liquids
Maple sugar a sugar made by boiling down maple syrup, used as a sweetener instead of white sugar

the clear, water-like, liquid food that trees produce for growth

Sap bucket the wooden or metal container hung from the spile to collect sap from the maple tree
Spile a wooden spout, tapered at one end, driven into the tap-hole for drawing sap from a maple tree
Spile hook the metal hook attached to the spile for hanging a sap bucket
Sugar hut a building in a sugarbush where maple sap is boiled to produce maple syrup
Sugar Maple one of many kinds of maple trees found in Eastern North America, and the main producer of sap for maple syrup
Sugarbush a grove of sugar or black maple trees
Tap-hole a hole bored into the trunk of a maple tree

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